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If you're looking for consistency, you've come to the wrong place.

Just an FYI, I left for Ethiopia on June 12, I will not be nearly as active, I'll just have a queue. Please don't unfollow me while I'm gone! I'll be back on August 1!

To go to the next page, above the gif to the right in very small blue letters it says "next" sorry for the inconvenience!!

until I return to the states with consistant and uncensored wifi

I am very upset because I need more blogs to follow

Hey just reblog this if you post

  • OFF
  • hetalia
  • ouran high school host club
  • OFF
  • doctor who
  • OFF
  • H E T A L I A

I also like homestuck and sherlock and supernatural, so if you have that and/or the fandoms listed above, I’ll check you out and probably follow you

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